Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Good Day!

Today is a good day.

I was the assigned teaching in Relief Society today and I had prepared well in advance. My topic was given to me a couple of months ago and I prayed that I would not be left to the last minute to get my information for the lesson. It, well most of it, came to me about 5 Sundays ago-maybe 6. I scribbled down everything that inspiration brought to me. I searched more on the topic and added things here and there. In fact, the week after I had all this the Relief Society President, asked me if I was ready to teach that Sunday and I said I didn't think it was my month, but if it was I was ready. Turns out it wasn't my month but I loved that I was prepared, that I could have taught then. I am grateful though for the added time to fine tune and research more, to pray more and to even turn it into a presentation style lesson.

I am grateful for the testimonies that were shared during sacrament meeting, that help add to my lesson. I am grateful for sisters who were willing to speak what came to them and share with the class. Grateful for stories shared and most grateful for the spirit that was there. Grateful for the topic and for all I learned about it and how I can better apply it in my life.

Praying I will be a woman who knows how to access the powers of Heaven so I can protect and strengthen my children and family, that I can teach fearlessly.

Looking forward to teaching again.

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